How Do You Balance a Legal Workload with Professional Development?

How Do You Balance a Legal Workload with Professional Development?

In the fast-paced world of law, balancing a heavy workload with the need for professional growth is a common challenge. We've gathered insights from six legal professionals, including attorneys and founders, on how they manage this delicate balance. From integrating development into your calendar to allocating weekly slots for learning, discover how these experts navigate their careers with continuous learning.

  • Integrate Consistent Development into Your Calendar
  • Combine Development with Business Goals
  • Utilize Pre-Recorded Video Seminars
  • Incorporate Learning into Daily Routine
  • Strategically Plan Professional Development
  • Allocate Weekly Slots for Learning

Integrate Consistent Development into Your Calendar

I look for professional development opportunities that are going to help me do a better job with my workload, and integrate them into my calendar consistently over time. The Bar Association, other professional associations, and professional liability insurance carriers all send out email notifications about courses and conferences. I look for options that are relevant to my practice, and I usually find at least one or two per month.

In the medium term, this actually makes workload management easier. Instead of spending a full week taking courses that may not be relevant every three years, I take helpful courses in manageable increments.

Luke Smith
Luke SmithAttorney and Founder, LawSmith PLLC

Combine Development with Business Goals

I've balanced these two priorities by combining them into one. For example, I deliberately chose those professional development activities that helped me with business development and marketing. I put our law firm's name out there, as I'm responsible for the firm's marketing and external relations, and keep my knowledge up to date with learning through CPDs.

Also, I deliberately choose new areas or industries to explore. This way, I can learn new subjects and widen my professional network. You never know when and where opportunities will come. Keep the basics in mind, and always maintain the 'Day One' attitude in learning.

Rakhmad Sobirov
Rakhmad SobirovManaging Lawyer, Sobirovs Law Firm

Utilize Pre-Recorded Video Seminars

Trial lawyers are always facing deadlines. Additionally, attorneys are subject to mandatory continuing legal education requirements, in addition to the desire to maintain professional excellence. I have found that taking advantage of pre-recorded video seminars enables me to obtain the continuing development that I need at the most convenient time.

Greg Baumgartner
Greg BaumgartnerPersonal injury lawyer, Baumgartner Law Firm

Incorporate Learning into Daily Routine

We recognize that the legal landscape is constantly evolving, so staying on top of developments in our field is non-negotiable.

One strategy I employ is to integrate learning into my daily routine. For instance, during my commute or while grabbing lunch, I'll listen to legal podcasts or audiobooks to keep my knowledge fresh. Additionally, I make it a point to attend relevant conferences and workshops whenever possible, even if it means adjusting my schedule to accommodate.

A recent example of this was when I had a particularly hectic workload due to multiple deadlines looming. Instead of putting my professional development on the back burner, I found a balance by allocating specific time slots throughout the week dedicated to learning. This ensured that I was still able to meet my obligations to my clients, while also investing in my own growth as a legal professional.

Mike Schmidt
Mike SchmidtCivil Trial Law Specialist, Personal Injury Trial Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and Civil Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy., Schmidt & Clark

Strategically Plan Professional Development

Balancing the demands of a heavy workload with continuous professional development requires strategic planning and prioritization. I assess whether it's the right time to take on a new professional development commitment by evaluating my current workload and upcoming deadlines, to ensure I won’t compromise the quality of my work. I focus on opportunities that align with my areas of interest and practice, ensuring they offer tangible benefits to my daily responsibilities.

For example, I recently completed a short course in Entertainment Law, which not only deepened my expertise, but also provided new insights that have improved my efficiency in handling related cases. I also seek out smaller, more digestible professional development commitments, such as webinars and workshops, that can fit into my schedule without causing undue stress. By integrating development activities that address specific challenges or inefficiencies in my workload, I can stay current in my field while simultaneously improving productivity and reducing stress.

Ingrid RuizLawyer, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP

Allocate Weekly Slots for Learning

I completely understand the challenge that legal professionals face when it comes to balancing their workload and continuing professional development. One effective strategy that worked for me was to integrate learning into my daily routines.

During my time as a practicing attorney, I made it a point to allocate specific time slots each week for professional development activities. This could involve attending webinars, reading legal journals, or participating in online courses.

I also made the most of technology to optimize my learning process. I would listen to podcasts and audiobooks during my commutes, or while multitasking. By seamlessly incorporating learning into my schedule, I was able to enhance my skills and knowledge, while still effectively managing my workload.

This personalized approach not only helped me stay updated with industry trends and regulations, but also allowed me to meet the demands of my professional responsibilities with ease.

Aseem Jha
Aseem JhaFounder, Legal Consulting Pro

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